Terms and Conditions

Please read the following carefully before placing any order.

Here at Designa Cake we want to ensure you are completely satisfied with your cakes and will want to order more, as well as tell your friends about us. Designa Cake will do everything it can to make sure you receive the freshest cakes possible. All sales are subject to Designa Cake conditions of sale as printed. Designa Cake will not be bound by any variation waiver or addition to these terms unless the same is agreed in writing. These conditions will supersede and override any conditions of purchase stipulated by the customer unless any condition is agreed by us in writing.

Product Description, Quality and Storage

Designa Cake prides itself on baking homemade cakes so we know exactly what goes in to them. No additives or preservatives. Designa Cake are therefore unable to make a warranty as to the length of time for which the cakes will remain fit for consumption. We do however recommend our cakes are best eaten within 2 or 3 days of receiving them. It is not recommended they are kept in the fridge or an airtight sealed container if they are covered with fondant icing.
  • It is the responsibility of the customer to keep the cakes in the manner prescribed by us and those rules prescribed for under Health and Safety regulations
  • The cakes are baked in a kitchen that handles products containing nuts, dairy, wheat and gluten.
  • Designa Cake cannot guarantee that the source of raw materials is free from dairy, wheat and gluten therefore the cakes may not be suitable for a customer with serious allergies or someone prone to anaphylactic reactions.
  • Designa Cake also cannot guarantee that any product is nut free, although we keep all nut products sealed and would not use if advised that the recipient or anyone likely to eat the cake has a nut allergy. However we cannot guarantee that all ingredients are produced in nut free environment.
A 50% deposit is required to secure booking. Until the deposit is received the date cannot be held, although we will pencil orders in and try to make contact with you if the date is close to fully booked. It is therefore desirable to pay the deposit as soon as possible. Deposits are non-refundable and non transferrable.

Cancellation, amendment of orders and refunds
While we hope that you will not have to cancel your order, we are aware that things happen to necessitate this. If you do need to cancel then please contact me on 07975 541880 as soon as you can.